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Clients I have worked with

Andrew Corpuz


Sandra Andrade


My time coaching with Lucas has been exceptionally worthwhile. Being that I just graduated with a Master's in Fine Arts, Lucas really helped by providing a personalized job search strategy that focused on my strengths and skills.
With the pandemic being at the forefront of everyone's minds, I was able to gain clarity with Lucas on how to present myself professionally in a competitive job market. He educated me on the importance of networking and the impact it can have on my career growth and development. He is honestly a thoughtful listener and was committed to my success upon first getting to know me and what I was looking to achieve in the immediate and progressive future of my career..
Lucas gave me insight into what I truly wish to gain in my field. He has laid out clear steps and guidelines to follow for what employers and recruiters look for. It has given me confidence that I didn't have prior to working with him. I highly recommend working with Lucas if you are looking to gain a clear plan on how to approach the next steps in your career!
- Sandra Andrade, MFA, 3D Artist

Mark Azemoon


Lucas helped me navigate a career crossroads I found myself in earlier this year. As we worked together on career discovery, clarity, and awareness, Lucas was there throughout the whole process, providing valuable insight and guidance. He also offered a very mindful perspective which came with non-judgment, creating a safe space to explore, learn, grow, and ultimately thrive. He has successfully coached me into the phase of my career.
As a Solutions engineer, I’m used to doing things myself. However, I began career coaching with Lucas after a friend referred me to him. She expressed what a positive she had working with him, so I knew I had to be open to working with a career coach. I am very grateful we had the chance to work together!
Additionally, Lucas was very practical and hands-on. Together we worked on my resume, mock interviews, networking, job search, follow-ups, and how to best showcase my skills. He equipped me with approaches that allowed me to move forward with confidence.

- Mark Azemoon

Jane Bui


Even though I am a professional who was fortunate to enjoy much career success, I have always questioned in the back of my mind if I was in the right industry. I toyed with the idea of making a drastic career change but was paralyzed with indecision for a while. I figured I should probably find a professional career coach to help me get some clarity, and that is when I met Lucas..
Lucas took the time to really try and understand my career situation, so that we could formulate a plan that was unique to me. We started with career aptitude tests which helped me learn more about myself. We defined and prioritized my career goals, and explored the many paths I could take to reach them.
Also, Lucas is a resume magician, transforming my plain, wordy resume into a much more impressive, concise one. He also helped me with my LinkedIn profile which I appreciate since I am a total LinkedIn newbie. He basically did almost everything he could to set me up for success.
I highly recommend Lucas whether you are starting out in your career or changing your current career path. He can provide the support, insight, and accountability to help you achieve your goals.

- Jane Bui

Diane Espinosa

Career Coach in San Francisco

Coaching with Lucas has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life. His dedication  and commitment to helping me visualize opportunities allowed me to assertively take action on  my career goals.

As an accountability partner, Lucas was perfect because he always scheduled  regular check-ins and follow-ups to make sure that I was on the right track. Additionally, he was  an amazing professional guide because he maintained open communication to discuss  feedback on my progress and positively improved my perspectives. Lucas coached me through two of the biggest decisions I have made in my life so far. Through  his guidance and support, I felt that I had the confidence to make these choices.
Not only have I  accepted a new job offer that better benefits my interests, but I also enrolled in a certificate  program that will further advance my career. His strategies inspired me to target only relevant  positions and his more personalized approach encouraged me to discover the most valuable  schooling option. Together we covered all the bases, from enhancing networking skills,  preparing for interviews, and understanding the value of certificates or degrees for more  growth. 
Overall, I look forward to applying the knowledge and skills I have gained from my career  coaching experience to passionately pursue my future endeavors. Lucas helped me realize that  I am capable of achieving my dreams and has given me the tools to make them into reality. I  have certainly become more self-assured and motivated to strongly advocate my worth moving  forward.
- Diane Espinosa 

Daniel Notron-Luna


Lucas helped me position myself for success in a critical time of my life: job-hunting. Finding work has never been an issue for me; I have had lots of different kinds of jobs, from tutoring to office to restaurant experience. However, as I began searching for more professional work that would draw from my undergrad studies at UC Berkeley, I didn't really know how to craft a professional resume. There are plenty of resume tips online-- I read a lot and did my best, but really still needed someone to look it over. 
This is where Lucas worked his magic. In working with him for literally an hour with him, I felt 100 times better about my resume. I made the changes he suggested, honed in on more accomplishments, and kept the format pleasing to the eye.. 
What's more? Two weeks later-- I got the call back I wanted from a local refinery for an interview!
Another appointment with Lucas before the interview helped IMMENSELY. We went over some typical interview questions, but I didn't really know what to say. In about an hour, talking with him helped me form more confident answers that let me express my strengths and my interests, in a balanced perspective. Even though the questions we practiced weren't quite the ones the interviewers asked-- I felt much better with the preparation than I would have without! I was able to take on the different questions in the moment, remembering how to express myself comfortably. 
Needless to say, in another week, I found out I got the job! (I probably wouldn't be writing this if I hadn't, haha!). Thanks to Lucas' support, I was able to aim for a position in a new field and actually land it.

- Daniel Norton Luna 

Ileana Hang


Lucas has been wonderful to work with! He is positive, supportive, empathetic, and resourceful. Not only did he help me with mock interviews and how to approach my writing assignments, he also helped me see my own self-worth! I feel much more confident now that I can better articulate my skills, experience, and personality in my interviews.
Lucas truly went above and beyond, and is an exceptional coach and helped me get TWO offers from my top choice companies! I am beyond grateful for his guidance and expertise -- thank you, Lucas!

- Ileana Hang 

Tatyana topasna


As I was moving through different phases of my life, I found myself wanting to gravitate more towards a career path that was aligned directly with my passions. Lucas was a very encouraging career coach and has been a strong believer in my skills and talents from the very beginning.
Although, I do find shifting jobs to be nerve racking in general, Lucas approached our initial introduction consultation with warmth and a genuine interest in the next chapter of my life. He assigned a career assessment during our first call, which I took the time going through. The questions were deeply meaningful and inspiring, it had sparked a new flame within. A sort of 'ah-ha' moment!
Lucas is also skilled in holding his clients accountable. He would check in with me during the coaching process, which helped with my procrastination tendencies . He made sure to not pressure me, but at the same time was diligent about setting up a follow up appointment to review the resume edits he suggested.
Thank you so much for everything Lucas and I look forward to what the future holds!

- Tatyana Topansna

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If you've made it this far in your search for a career coach, let's chat! Fill out the career coaching consultation request form below so I can learn more about the challenges you are facing in your career. The consultation is 20 minutes and is completely complementary. I typically will get back to you within a 24-48 hour period. I look forward to seeing how I can help you identify your key strengths and core values in life so you have a career you love and enjoy!

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